Ayaskanta 2007 (

The annual festival of the Electronics and Communication Department of BMS College of Engineering is here! It's on the 3rd of November.



There'll be a contest involving robots.

Keep looking here for more in a few days.


8085/86 Programming Contest.

Checks the caliber to emerge with a compact efficient code. There is no magic involved- even though the results sometimes are pretty amazing when it provides direct expediency with hardware.....

Short CircuitEdit

Circuit Analysis-For those who feel EC is EZ(easy)

Its an engineer's exigency to peer review the circuit for wringing problems out of designs. Anyone can design, but only an expert knows to spot a predicament-right??

Dexter's LawEdit

The system design contest.

A challenge for all the budding Engineers! You are required to design a system/circuit to meet the required objective.


The paper presentation contest.

You can choose any topic related to Electronics and Communication.


General Quiz contest.


Stress Interview.

_ Edit

Dumb Charades

In this world of smart people, not many appreciate if you are dumb. But we do!

Twenty20 Edit

Yes. Lets see who can hit the ball!

ಕನ್ನಡ ಸ್ಪರ್ದೆ Edit

Yet to be decided!

Basava help :)


Things to doEdit

Please feel free to add.

  1. Finish document to give to sponsors
  2. Find sponsors
  3. logos
  4. T-shirt quotes

T-shirts designsEdit

- Put all your creativity and design logos, punchlines and other artwork for the front/back/side of the Ayaskanta T-shirt.

- Here are some designs done by Sundar J. Dev. The design was based on the assumption that the T-shirt was white. Orange on pure white will look ultimate! + ===Logo designs=== - + - #4db0bf8adae2ebb7 + - #19c92e4b66851746 + - #99687dcdf659e4d3 + - #F63352a8d91a927d + - #1d37911b335be6f8 + - #Eda53fe893146fb7 Gif2 - Jpg3-1 Jpg

Logo designsEdit

ROSHAN!!!! i cudnt upload to i sent u my images to ur gmail...chk it out!

Logo final ultimate & changed

To, Vinay... Roshan from 7th sem here... send me ur mail id asap(

Keep looking at this page for more updates.